From mobile app consulting and implementation for B2B and B2C on all major platforms to cloud integration and backend support to mobile marketing solutions, our full range of services are designed to make mobile success simpler for you.

Want the specs? We specialize in:

  • We build mobile applications for  every major platforms, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS), Android and Windows Mobile native applications
  • Complete Web Applications and responsive websites
  • HTML 5
  • Mobile and Web Payments
  • Mobile audio & video
  • Geolocation and iBeacon solutions
  • Website SEO and App Store Optimization
  • Consulting – Customized app development and use of mobility in improving business practices
  • Cloud solutions – Strategic planning and implementation of cloud migration and backend solutions
  • App Rescue – We can salvage that project of yours!
  • Managed IT Server Support & Consulting
  • Security Solutions such as Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection, and more…
  • Mobile Marketing

AAH Process
Most app developers go through a similar process in assessing a client’s goals, and in developing a strategy and roadmap for moving forward that considers user experience, security, implementation and timelines.  We add two extra steps:

The Engagement & Gamification Design Step: What good is an app if it’s not used?  With years of experience in developing hit games, we know how to get customers to enjoy using your app, and even to be rewarded for using it.  Everyone likes a perk now and then, right?

The Mobile App Marketing Step:  What good is an app sitting among a crowd of apps in the iTunes or Google Play store when no one knows to look for it there?  An important step to overall success is a Mobile App Marketing campaign, which  begins even before the app is completed in order to set the stage for its launch.