Client Successes

Push Legal
Push Legal
Challenge:  A busy criminal lawyer was frustrated by not having quick access to the law in the courtroom.
Solution: A convenient and robust app to provide faster, easier searching and regular updates of the law.
Results: Our legal app is a unique resource recommended by many of the nation’s top lawyers. Dan Cogdell calls it “the most accessible way to get codes and case law”; Katherine Scardino says it’s “the best app for lawyers – a must have.”  It offers a competitive advantage with special case law annotations from leading attorneys and educators that you won’t find anywhere else

Guardian AlertME
Challenge:  A real estate firm approached Austin App House seeking a solution for watching over the security of staff while working on-site and after hours.
Problem:  Staff working at open houses after hours were in unsecured locations and the company wanted a system for being notified of their team’s safe arrival back at the office or at their homes.
Solution:  We developed Guardian Alert, a security app that establishes a required check in at a specified time and sends failed check-in alerts and map to pre-defined emergency contacts when the user does not respond on time –  even if the phone has been turned off or destroyed.  This security alert has been used in real estate as well as by logistic teams, delivering services, joggers, cyclists and parents around  the globe.

Challenge:  Our client wanted to provide people with an easy platform to maximize savings and plan for the future – when other financial planning applications fell short of this goal.
Solution: With an incredibly intuitive user interface and design, our app’s user experience is never interrupted by the complex backend system that powers the app.
Results: Retiremax stands to be the most powerful comprehensive financial planning application ever created.

My Menu AppMy Menu
Challenge: Solved four major problems the restaurants industry faces today and ONE huge problem consumers face everyday!

Challenges for Restaurants:
Problem 1: The restaurant industry is the fastest growing segment in the US economy. Because of this amazing growth restaurant owners are facing major competition. It’s critical that restaurants today know the likes and dislikes of their customers.
Problem 2: Smartphones are changing the way consumer buy, It’s very difficult to design, develop and deploy a mobile app. Restaurants do not have the time, skill or money to build their own mobile app
Problem 3: Is called AppAthy – Last I checked there are over 1M apps in Apple’s App store. Currently there are 900K+ restaurants in the USA. If every restaurant created their own app restaurants would have the problem in how to get their customers to download yet another app to use with their restaurant.
Problem 4: You can’t improve anything you don’t measure. Restaurants don’t have access to Advanced Analytics that connect the dots and helps restaurant owners see and solve everyday customer issues.

1.  Before MyMenu there was not an easy way to collect and analyze customer feedback. MyMenu makes it easy to collect customer feedback.
2.. MyMenu solves this problem by allowing them to easily build their restaurant content in the Cloud and with one button click have access to millions of customers  smartphones through the MyMenu App!
3.  MyMenu solves that problem because customer will download one app for all restaurants!
4.  With the power of the Cloud, MyMenu gives Restaurants owner realtime access to key metrics that makes an impact on restaurants day to day activities!
5.  MyMenu’s advance ecosystem allow’s customers to easily find restaurants, view the menu and see other customer ratings and comments on each menu item. They can now see what’s good at every restaurant!

Challenge for Consumers:
Problem 5: The questions asked everyday..  Where are we going to eat and what’s good here??


The Austin App House team delivered on time and on budget! This allowed MyMenu the ability to not only talk about MyMenu but demonstrate it, which allowed MyMenu to move at light speed! MyMenu has created strategic relationships with IBM, Google and several franchise restaurants. They go live June 2014!

Earthy Game App
Challenge: An entrepreneurial project with the ambition to provide an exciting, yet, simple game.
Solution: The game is provides all the bells and whistles of any arcade game but with the added twist of being green, hence the name, Earthy!
Results:  Earthy is a beautiful small, fun, and environmentally conscious game accomplished in only one month.

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