About Austin App House

We’re Austin App House “aah” for short.  Look no further. We’re here to solve all of your mobile and web problems!  Experience the joy and relief that comes from working with us ….aah!!   

Our Mission
Don’t let technical problems get you down. We’re on a mission to make mobile and web technology your slave, not the other way around!  We’ll give you the power to engage and connect with your customers anytime you want, anywhere in the world.

Your Success is our Success.
That’s why we’ll provide you with all things mobile under one roof. From web and mobile app consulting and implementation for B2B and B2C (on all major platforms) to cloud integration and backend support to mobile marketing solutions, our full range of services are designed to make mobile success.

About Us
We’re a One-Stop-App-Shop for mobile and web applications. We create engaging applications with a distinctive spin that serve the public and streamline business processes. Using our  background as a gaming company, we  make smarter mobile applications that are lightning quick, more visually and audibly stimulating and powerfully engaging. We  provide mobile app consulting and implementation for business, enterprise, gaming, education and government sectors on all major platforms and integrate each with backend solutions. With out-of-the-box thinking in our DNA, we’ve developed a reputation  for producing  creative solutions that fulfill unmet needs and leverage crowd engagement. Our years of diverse experience and successes, including runaway hit game like Air Assault and Flying Aces, have taught us how to effectively merge the intrigue of gaming experiences into business processes and applications to increase adoption and enhance engagement.

Mangement Team!
Gerald Bailey – President & Founder