Enterprise and Business

Internal Communications
AAH helps businesses succeed from the inside out through innovative apps and games that streamline internal processes. Our team’s diverse experiences and successes enable  us  to effectively merge the intrigue of gaming experiences into business processes and applications that train, engage, educate and, ultimately, increase company performance and productivity.  HR departments are finding  gamification apps to effectively select and train the right talent. …And who doesn’t find it exciting to rack up rewards and incentives while  learning?

Businesses Serving Businesses
We unleash the power of mobile for businesses in new and distinctive ways   that repackage their unique capabilities.  Our industry sectors include automotive, healthcare, oil and gas, enterprise, e-learning and more.

Selected Client Applications:

  • Augmented reality auto experiences and driving games that are revolutionizing the industry for nationally recognized auto brands
  • Field solutions app that helps companies locate available jobs while in a particular locale
  • Simulation games teach healthcare staff how to manage patients
  • Role-playing trains internal corporate teams to meet goals and track employee skills
  • Sales app empowering teams to up performance
  • Employee portals