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What good is an app sitting among a crowd of apps in the iTunes or Google Play store when no one knows to look for it there?  An important step to overall success is a Mobile App Marketing campaign, which  begins even before the app is completed in order to set the stage for its launch.

Don’t Panic!

Are you unhappy with your current developer?  Is your mobile app behind schedule or over budget?  Give us a call and let our team of experts get you back on track!

Cloud Computing 2.0

Today's mobile apps are extremely complex and need to be highly scaleable.  Whether it be storing data securely and efficiently in the cloud, push notifications, or social integration our experts can help you take advantage of the cloud.


We have developed an innovative team of dedicated iPhone, Android and Windows Phone developers with experience in game programming, e-commerce, network programming, social media interaction (Twitter API, Facebook API, Google+, etc.) as well as experience porting PC and Mac based software to the mobile platform. We also have extensive experience porting FLASH and web applications to the iPhone. We utilize state of the art project management software and pride ourselves in providing excellent and responsive customer support.


Be prepared to experience apps unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It takes a talented team to create visually stunning, audibly fantastic, and easy to use applications. Use our sharp minds and world class expertise to deliver application solutions which are superior, smarter and lightning quick - it's that simple.

Concept Design

At little or no cost to you, our application development experts will consult with your team to determine the best solutions for your organization to take advantage of the newest of advanced technologies for engaging clients, driving improved client communication and developing avenues for increased revenues.

Customer Testimonial

Gerald’s team took the time to understand what we wanted to accomplish, and brought in the right resources at the right time to help get the MVP operational.  The Austin App House team delivered on time and on budget! This allowed MyMenu the ability to not only talk about MyMenu but demonstrate it, which allowed MyMenu to move at light speed! MyMenu has created strategic relationships with IBM, Google and several franchise restaurants.